Putting the shine back into your car’s paintwork puts a smile onto our faces! We have 3 services
available to suit your needs:

Enhance the Paint and Detail from £375.00

This treatment is best suited for the newer vehicle or an enthusiast owned vehicle where
the level of swirling isn't overly bad.

Our service includes a single stage machine polish that is going to add far more clarity and
lustre to the paint finish. We typically achieve around a 70% reduction in the level of swirl
marks and marring.

For those enthusiasts who love the technical details, I use multiple machine polishers
depending on the needs of each vehicle. These include the Rupes Bigfoot LHR15, Rupes
Mini Duetto 75E and the world famous Rupes iBrid.

We finish our work with a full detail ready for your collection.

2 Stage Paint Correction and Detail from £575.00

This is where things get really serious! The 2 stage paint correction is best suited for the
slightly older vehicle where swirl marks, dull and hazy paintwork have become part of the
furniture - usually caused by poor cleaning methods such as automatic car washes.

With this detail, it’s a labour of love where we use a stage of compounding and lots of
checking for a mirror like finish. We top this off with a full details too. You'll have to dig a
little deeper in your pockets for this one but what you can expect to see is an absolutely
immaculately prepared vehicle once we’ve finished detailing it. 90 - 95% defect removal can
be achieved with this one, depending on the cars current condition.

Multi-Stage Major Paint Correction £POA

This service is suited for one of two things, the first being an incredibly bad vehicle
potentially with hard paint which would require multiple stages of compounding/polishing,
or an enthusiast owned vehicle where absolute paintwork perfection is of the essence.
Either way, the major paint correction detail is going to require a big investment in time to
allow us to deliver that flawless, better than from the factory look.