Whether you’ve just bought a new super mini or a high powered supercar, you’d expect it to
leave the forecourt absolutely flawless. Unfortunately a new car rarely leaves the showroom
with adequate protection, or with the flawless paint finish you would expect!

But why does a new car need treatment like this? Well a brand news car is not always as
fresh and new as you might expect. Most vehicles are usually exposed to various
contaminants, such as road salt and bird lime, during transportation and may even have
been stored in open air compounds prior to delivery. Once the vehicle has arrived at the
dealership, the vehicle is commonly subject to a ‘quick wash’ by an unskilled worker, often
with a dirty sponge and chamois! This can lead to surface scratches and marring of the
paintwork. This is not the perfect start for your pride and joy.

For this reason alone, the New Car Detail has been introduced. The ceramic coating will
provide the perfect paint protection and the car will look better than brand new, as well as
being well protected for the long term.

You ask the dealership NOT to do any washing or preparation to the vehicle’s paint finish.
We do that once you take delivery.

A new car detail typically takes between 2 - 4 days depending which coatings and
processes you would like to go for.

And don’t be fooled by the DiamondBrite or Supagard paint finishes offered by your dealer
either. These are often done without the necessary training and are completed in just a few
hours, under time pressure to get on to the next vehicle.

With our new car detail, your car is treated like our own, so you can rest assured that your
vehicle is going to be treated to the highest level of attention by an experienced detailer,
resulting in a job that's been done right, first time, every time.